Why Bollywood has no logic and Science ?

Great Question but it cant be summed up in 1 line or word when the question has “ India” I was wondering how many of us really think about these facts rather than simply enjoying whats being shown to us in the name of Entertainment or Movies.

In that case any question that has India in it, cannot be summed up in a few words, take it or leave it and India is not simple like rest of the nation combined . Its like a mini replica of entire earth rolled into 1 nation !!

So coming to the question, out of many reasons there are a few handful that have been mentioned below by other users I feel the following holds more importance:

  • Indian mentality of Chalta hai ( Its OK Attitude)
  • Money mightier than brains
  • Its OK attitude
  • Budget
  • entertainment entertainment entertainment
  • lack of resources ( Books, records, written materials turned into cinema)
  • Concept of “HERO” than “ACTOR”

    Indian mentality of Chalta hai

We have this attitude hard coded in our DNA and that reflects in each and every aspect of our lives. I mean seriously we are so inclined towards this attitude that we take everything for granted and feel its OK !! This is seriously bad, I mean every single thing . hence how can this leave entertainment out of it !!

We compromise for everything since generations, then obviously when have been compromising on eating, sleeping, living, medical, transport, sanitation, religion and the list goes on then who would care for something as trivial as CINEMA  or May be we should call Bollywood Action Movies or Bollywood Masala Movies.

Money mightier than brains

Yeah, as I had written in previous answer, its the audience in India rules or makes the Bollywood for what it is now, its not the other way round ! India still compromises majorly of Middle class and lower middle class families and audiences that comprises the 80% chunk of the cinema going audiences who actually buy tickets and throng to Movie theaters, and as understood they will not bother about laws of physics, thermodynamics or buoyancy, and all that jazzy terms !

For them, when a car/jeep is hit by grenades or if that hits an obstacle, it will blow and the better the explosion, they like it

They cant apply there brains that a grenade doesn’t blow up in balls of fire engulfing the entire building, they dont know the Car wont go up straight when blown from any side, or a bullet needs to be spun is that while spinning, an object gains rotational inertia and it doesn’t go straight as a presumed

And Bollywood film makers know these facts.  They wont invest money in recreating accurate details in the world when they can get more money by simply showing what the audience is craving for !

Money rules and when an exploding car without any physics and dynamics involved can be shot in say may be 50k, and garners the same enthusiasm from the audiences, why the heck we need to spend 2 lakh to get it scientifically accurate !

Its OK attitude

Yeah, every time this comes up we are like its OK !!! Its only a movie, why bother, whats the point of that accuracy when all I love is the way he dances, or she dances or he came and creamed a paragraph worth of dialog in one go ! I loved that  Why should I bother or discuss about what it should have been !
Its OK


Yeah, this is also a major concern in India when it comes to re-create real life scenarios in Testing conditions.  Its not cheap at all.
Its interesting aspect. In Bollywood, we have some great genuine movies made on human conditions, emotional drama and stick to true nature of the REALITY and that of course doesn’t cost anyone much

The cost factor is only when we try to show something out of word or larger than life or you can say Action stuff. And for that, we need humongous budget ! be it Live action or CGI and We lack that for sure and its evident.

Hollywood does have there share of illogical stuff and its there in every movie if you see, but its done in smarter ways that we skip it and said by others, we simply adore it as its done by westerners !

There are illogical and idiotic scenes in almost all the Mega Budget Hollywood movies and if you look you will be surprised how they just got away with it. Its overshadowed by the fact that its shot using great budget that its sidelined and we are in awe of that output. Ours is tiny budget and we get to see all the illogical stuff due to the fact that they were not given importance due to again, less budget.

I think there can be a question or a section where we can show stupid mistakes in great Hollywood movies and you will be really surprised to know them. And yes, I am only talking about scientific facts only. Its an art which is a result of research+knowledge and of course huge money

They way they show the stunts are done with a huge team, multiple cameras, Professional Technicians and crew and meticulous planning. All the above needs money and money and more money !

Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment

Well it says for itself, Details in a particular shot means u running your processing power than required, getting into scientific details means your brain is running in more cores to process that simultaneously and nowadays with advent of internet we are able to even compare that with other movies live !

But wait. What we forgetting here is that we watch that movie for entertainment purpose and to relax. I cant process that much information and ruin my time for movie ! Well why the hell should I? I have other works and things to think about

Fuck yeah, I am gonna enjoy this anyways and stop bothering about moronic scientific fact !! 🙂

Lack of resources ( Books, records, written materials turned into cinema)

99% of the movies in Bollywood are based on Fictional characters written by story writers which revolve around the HERO and in many cases written on the spot with a formula for success. Songs, love, action, emotion, comedy and drama etc

Bollywood Masala Movie Formula:


So why to inculcate science into all this superb ready made formula that delivers the moolah,  Arent we suppose to give the audience something that they cant get out in REAL life?

Mission accomplished. Which brings to the last point which is related the previous point

Concept of “HERO” than “ACTOR”

Bollywood Action or Masala Movies are Male dominated industry and everything revolves around the lead called as HERO. He needs to do everything and no questions asked. He has to do those things in a way that should shut ever ones mouth or He should indulge in stuff that should look, sound, feel like a HERO

And by HERO means larger than life and mostly out of the box !

Producers know that if the hero only beats or fights like a common man then why will the common man pay a price and come to theater to watch another common man. The common man needs something uncommon, something that he dreams of doing in hi real life, which he knows he cant and wants that dream life to be shown on screen !

And as they say, dreams are devoid of scientific facts !

They are just dreams and can be as lovely, ugly or unrealistic as possible and If the common man’s dream is in sync with the movie that is shown, the movie is super hit !

Well my friend, Thats the formula for Bollywood 

Another great point: International or Hollywood movies cater to International audiences and hence there attention to detail has to be more than our movies as we cater to Indian subcontinent only. Its like when you dress up for your home functions vs dressing up when you are going to meet someone in a 5 star hotel

There is a difference right ?


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