Do we really need Professional or Wedding Photography

I went to my friends wedding and while having the lavish spread of Dinner, we came across the Drone hovering over our head for Video. Our topic of discussion changed from Biryani to Wedding Photography in a flash.

We know, Weddings are getting lavish with each passing day, and that only intent of money being spent, tradition wise we are all going down the rabbit hole. I am not going to talk about those customs and traditional values but sure about Wedding Photography.

People keep boasting about the amount of money  being spent on themes, places, lights music and now we have a trend of Wedding photography.  My friend spent a whooping 3 lakhs in that wedding where I Was the guest and was twinkling when he said the amount.

One of my subtle friend asked about the included package and there he was glowing with brightness & Contrast when he started the list of : Pre wedding snaps, Cinema style video, Post wedding, Pr-Pre-wedding, Sliders, Gimbals, DRONES. Special mention about the Drones and that was like yeah, we are so proud to have a drone in our wedding reception.

Yes, that’s what is when you consider spending chunks of money into Wedding photography. I spent my drive back thinking what all they could have done with that money if they would have been little realistic about the whole photography feature. I mean, its there money and they could burn it to keep there asses warm and throw it down the river, but still the practice is catching up and its a bad trend to follow,.

And this seems to have no ending !!

Its insane to see people spending lakhs and lakhs on these irrelevant and exorbitant extravaganza that has no real purpose in life . For sure no one gives a rat’s ass about how Great you Wedding Video looks like, Were there Drones used to capture the marriage, was in HD FHD or UHD

Was there special session for candid photography and how were the pre and post wedding hosts composed !

These are all gimmicks to scoop money out of you and after you are married to your loved ones, only thing matters is how great your life is, how great that event was or how much you guys enjoyed.

You will seldom look at those pics in the future and even if you look ( once in a zillion year) the format or the style wont matter at all.

What really matters is were the moments captured or not.

So if you have friends who have DSLR Camera, ( Which I know almost everyone has got one)  then ask him to take pictures for you.  You will not regret it. If you have heard among you friends group someone is struggling to get a cheap or within budget “wedding photographer” tell them that you would help. Educate them its no use spending so much money on it.

Get your DSLR friend and will get his few more friends if at all possible and you will have a good time as there wont be any utter rubbish way your money is not being wasted, they will have a great time clicking pics and getting nice shots and hands on practices and a great level of fun.


May be you invite a professional photographer to capture your event with ease without budging on the “Wedding Photography” package. This is what used to happen a few years ago when there was no special concept of “Wedding Photographers”

I have taken lots of pics for my family and friend’s events, and brother, that joy is incomparable !!

Those genuine laughter, those poses and the moments you will have with your friends and relatives and family members are never ever there when you have a hired professional.

Its TRUE, people wont accept it but its true.

Wedding photography is getting obnoxious on so many levels and people are simply wasting money on something that doesn’t make any sense.

Practically, go and ask anyone who had spent 3–4 lakhs for Hired professionals and ask them, did they ever looked at those pics, that humongous album or the UHD videos. No one does, it doesn’t have a repeat viewership. Period.

They are packed and kept aside forever !!!

But you will indeed feel the pinch for that 3–4 lakhs you have spent for lots of  years to come

Invest that money for something good

Its not being cheap or frugal for your marriage. Its being smart and with good financial management skills. Money saved is money earned. Save that cash for something great for your wife or yourself or as a couple.

Buy gold for your wife or a great honeymoon trip or something that you can cherish and replenish after years. Save it in Fixed deposits or any other great option which can be used later. Or may be use that money to buy a bigger car if you wanted one. Options are endless and they all are better than spending it on the wedding photography.

There is also a social message to this. In India, where marriage is getting into new levels with the amount of money we are spending on all these useless and flamboyant purposes is leaving a dark message to the people in society. It impacts the people who actually cant afford such services, but still take loans to get them fulfilled and later pay heavy debts and interests on that loan.
Why, because every one is doing it !!!

Because Raju did it, Ramesh did it, Rafiq did it and Robert did it. Why Shouldn’t I ? Dont be Raju, Ramesh, Rafiq or Robert. Be yourself, Think and apply logic

I am not asking you to be a social hero, but just be sensible in terms of these gimmicks and stick to the natural aspect of marriage. Celebrate the relation, embrace the moment and cherish with friends and relatives

And Feel proud that you and all your friends were involved in the marriage and that my friend is the true memory that you will love to retain.

Hire Your friends or a photographer who can capture your event in the simple yet subtle manner. You don’t  have to look for a “Wedding Photographer” who gets all those equipment and long list of jargon to rake up the bill.

If you still have shit load of money piled away then go ahead and spend it all on HIRED WEDDING PROFESSIONAL.


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