windows 10 data loss


Data Loss on Windows 10  this October? Blame the update

Microsoft has announced to stop the Windows update that was rolled out for Windows 10 October 2018 that resulted in data loss for sporadic cases worldwide.

This was confirmed by Microsoft as posted on its Support page.


Windows 10 update version 1809 was the update that cased the issues of data loss as reported by several users. Users reported missing files soon after the Windows 10 systems were updated through its automatic Update system.

For some users who experienced data loss as they saw documents and photos, user profiles being wiped out. Behemoth of users stormed Social media platform to complain about this error/bug on the Microsoft support site as the issue seems to be grievous to some.

Data loss is indeed something to rant about.

The update was not part of the Auto Update which gets installed as part of Automatic updates and gets installed with or without user access as defined on the Windows computer. It was done by  users who had manually updated their Windows 10 computers after clicking on “check for Windows Update” For the users who wish to download and install the update manually, there is a word of caution and Microsoft wants to hold on for the update. Microsoft wants to roll out an auto update for the same and would be released when the Windows 10 October 2018 is released.

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