What happens if you are at a location where you have no data connection but limited voice connection? Like may be some rural area or travelling on highway or middle of nowhere? And you have to send some money or make some Bank Transfer urgently?

There is a way out here if your mobile phone is registered with your bank then with few simple steps you can perform that bank transaction and transfer money from your account.

How do you do it?

The service runs on USSD platform. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) channel read about USSD here. It is a communication technology that is used to send texts between a mobile phone and an application program in the network and works only on GSM (Global System for Mobile) phones.

How does it work?

You need to dial *99# from your mobile phone, wait for a few seconds and follow the next service options will appear  on screen.

*99# service has been launched to take the banking services to every common man across the country. Banking customers can avail this service by dialing *99#, a “Common number across all Telecom Service Providers (TSPs)” on their mobile phone and transact through an interactive menu displayed on the mobile screen.

The NUUP with USSD service works by bringing together all the banks and telecom service providers and lets a customer access banking service on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

Key services offered under *99# service include, interbank account to account fund transfer, balance enquiry, mini statement besides host of other services. *99# service is currently offered by 51 leading banks & all GSM service providers and can be accessed in 12 different languages including Hindi & English as on 30.11.2016 (Source: NPCI).

Transactions Limits You cannot make big-ticket transfers using this service. A Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guideline prescribes a cap of ₹5,000 per transaction per day for financial transactions facilitated by the bank without end-to-end encryption. ₹50,000 per annum is the max that can be transferred.

Service Charges:

There is no Charge or service fee charged by the system, but, your telecom operator might charge you every time you use the *99# service.

For example, charges ₹0.50 for every transaction. According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines, telecom service providers can charge a maximum of ₹1.50 per transaction for using the service.

Important Tips

There is no risk of this service being misused even if you lose your phone as the user will need to enter the UPI PIN to carry out any transaction. However, it is recommended that you immediately inform the bank and deactivate mobile banking services to avoid any misuse.

Also, once you have initiated the transfer of funds, it cannot be cancelled, stopped or reversed as the service uses Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) service, which is an instant inter-bank fund transfer service. If there are any complaints or issues while using this service, you can get in touch with your bank or telecom service provider, depending on the kind of issue you are facing.

How to get it:

 Provide KYC (Know Your Customer) information to open a new account
Mobile no. should be  linked with bank a/c
Register for USSD/Mobile Banking
Get MMID (Mobile Money Identifier)
Get MPIN (Mobile PIN)

Service Activation: None
Service Time : 1-2 minutes

What is required for Transaction:
Remember MMID
Remember MPIN

Transaction Cost:
NIL by system
Rs. 0.50 charged to customer by Telephone carrier

Disclaimer: The transaction costs are based on available information and may vary based on banks.

Services Offered:
Balance enquiry
Mini Statement
Funds transfer
A/c no.
Change M-PIN
Generate OTP

Funds Transfer limit:
Rs 5,000/day
Rs 50,000/annum

Disclaimer: The funds transfer limits are based on available information and may vary based on banks.

Service Available from no. of operators:

51 banks List of Banks providing USSD Mobile Banking Service as on 30.11.2016



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