Searching Motivation— Online

Because they are Dumb FOOLS !!!!

They are lazy, morons, idiots and spineless to such an extent that they feel some one with some god damn perspective can change theirs !!!


As if life wasn’t great enough before the internet era

As if people did not had issues before?

As if our parents or older generation had no problems and no ways to seek answers !!!

The only difference is that the new generation is so stupid and lazy and useless that they feel internet is the answer for everything !!!

The people coming to internet for seeking answers the top quality creamed LOSERS

And Please, I am not saying all this because of some revelation or info from some websites but its just due a few certain facts:

  • Internet has become a part of lives only for those who want to run away from reality and fall upon into a section where no one dares to care
  • Reading/circulating/posting copied answers and stuff has become a norm and no one really cares about the genuine aspect of the abundance of information available.
  • People seeking motivation should listen to themselves !!! If you are smart enough to use a computer and internet, you are way better off than majority of the people who are still trying to survive, so in that aspect if you come to internet to seek motivation, that means something is wrong in your life and you kinds enjoy it !!
  • Shying away from human contact and touch and slouching on the couch with a smartphone or a laptop seeking for life’s answers and motivation is nothing but a gimmick to hide your ineffectiveness and shamelessness
  • The human mind is very smart, we tend to start enjoying everything after a while, irrespective of the nature of fun. For ex: sitting on the couch and gazing at the screen is the most energy efficient and cheapest way to be away fro reality and seek “answers” and this patter over a period of time gets into a habit and thats why we see all cell phone zombies out there, and people or we start enjoying that too
  • Every single person out there, successful or partly successful or happy or content with life, enlightened has never and will never approach a computer or FORUM or a chatting platform to seek confidence
  • IF its not coming from within you, it will never come from sitting behind a screen !!! Period !!
  • Human beings are social animal and we need compassion, company, help love affection, intimacy, warmth and so on and These things DONT COME from INTERNET !!!! the sooner we realize the better
  • Running away from Reality and Truth and hiding behind the screens make them feel comfortable as no one can judge them, this gives them WINGS
  • Facing problems and human beings is tough, but sulking behind screens is the most easiest thing than farting !!

If they know these facts and still come Internet to get motivation, they are simply fooling themselves and if they dont know about these then its time to

Realize Real Lies !!!

Once you stop this constant engagement with Phones/laptops and keep a healthy and free mind which is not constantly getting wrecked with shit load of irrelevant information, you would find most of the answers within yourselves

The problem is, we are getting so reliant on the Internet that we are cutting ourselves away from ourselves !!! every day every moment !!

The distance between our soul and our true selves is getting wider and that is when all the issues starts popping up, which leads to depression, lack of motivation, sleeplessness, being alone and all kind of mental and emotional disorders.

We are deliberately trying to push away the human touch and contacts to dive in the unrealistic and blood sucking world of internet which at the end of the day is just a new tool to enslave you !!! And its done a fine job till now !!

  • Meet People, Talk to your PARENTS !!! Top most priority should be given to seeking help and assistance from PARENTS
  • Talk to friends, Meet people outside in REAL, not in Virtual world
  • Talk to classmates,, colleagues

You know, every single person that comes in your life will and can Teach you something that will be used to enrich yours !!!

Every person is different in some or other other aspect and you can benefit from his life experience and pass on yours and this happens genuinely when you meet and talk in PERSON

Not on CHAT or on FORUMS !!

PS: This Message doesn’t relate to someone who is all ALONE in this world !! I guess its really hard to find but still, you always have friends to keep you busy !!!

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How to Quit Smoking Naturally

The first step is to stop asking others for help in this regard. This way you are just pleasing some part of your conscious mind about quitting but actually you are still having the word being repeated in your mind. SMOKING

There are a few ways you can start which only has to be done by you. No one else will help you in this regard, Its YOU

quit smoking

First and foremost, I hate the smell of burnt cigarettes. When I used to smoke, I used to smoke a few sticks only like around 2–3 per day and even then I used to hate the stink on my fingers breath, mouth and everywhere possible. I used to wash my hands and gargle my mouth to get rid of the stink whenever possible. Used to wash hands at least 85% of the times as I used to only smoke when in office or smoke near my home, wash my hands. So Start hating that smell !!! hate it to the core and feel that hate within you !!! Imagine how will the by stander who is talking to you feels when he smells that stink !!If you are married or have a GF, imagine her condition when she has to go through the stink !!
Never Ever Buy Packs :
This is the best thing I did unwanted and learnt the reason and effect behind it. When you dont buy packs that means you have to either go out and buy a single stick or have to ask your friends to share. And in both ways, you will be disgusted !! Yeah, I mean how many times you can ask for a stick to your colleague or friend? Or the will to go out and buy will sure deter you to smoke !!
Start your inner laziness into the picture !! The same laziness when you feel to go out and buy something to eat, your mid says, leave it man, I will eat whatever is cooked or there in fridge, similar kinda feeling. Never Ever Buy packs or more than 1 stick. When you throw the butt, always be abusive !! to the cigg and yourself !! Show that feeling of disgust while throwing it and feel ashamed !! IT WORKS !!!

Look at your teeth
 Yeah another neglected part, so at least once a day when you brush, look at them. In spite of the great toothpaste and a brush they are getting pale from front and rear as well. Your tongue too. I am sure you must have a habit of having tea or coffee along with your smoke as most of us do, That makes it worse utter worse.

The combined stink of tea/coffee + cigarette is outrageous !!! For once dont smoke and go talk to a person who has just finishes his tea/coffee + cigg combo !! Its very bad

Your stomach, or guts or bowel
 They get the affected a lot too !! Bloating and other issues related to stomach ulcers, indigestion and other factors cramp up as you eat less and smoke and tea fills and kills the digestive juices, bile secretion and other aspects kicks in, hunger drive is less and slowly it builds up
Your lips are now f****d
 Your taste buds are fucked. The food that you gobble up actually tastes much better but due to smoking your taste buds are on fire and you dont taste them as they supposed to be. Quit for an entire day or 2 and feel the change in taste buds and feel the change in the same food that will start feeling great as the day moves on

I carry 7 nos of cashew, almond and walnuts each and carry in my pocket every day for a few months !!! Whenever you feel urge or want to take a break, take them out and have it !! Make it a habit. Just ask your mom or wife or anyone to include that daily in put in your pocket as you add mobile or handkerchief and see the difference. And eventually the amount of money we spent on cigarettes is more than the money you would spend on these dry fruits. You will feel why should i smoke when I can eat these gems !!!

Dont think like you are doing a great job by quitting think like this: Why the fuck should I get up go out, walk in sun or rain a few feet and then smoke, !! its so boring, tiring, and painful. I would rather sit here and munch on the dry fruits and watch some shit !!! If you have to go with fiends, then ensure that you have the stock of fruits in your pocket and chew them while you going to the smoking spot !!!

Best rule that worked for me: Along with the above I had told myself : Only 2 per day, Once while I go to office and once I am out. And if and only if the day is really bad, I might have in between but then in those cases also I used to creep in clause # 7
And at last, Think smoking as the most heinous thing ever you can do !! its stinky, costly, boring, nasty and ugly !!!
Stand outside or watch closely your friends or strangers who smoke and you will know how that feels. Also go and talk to them once they are done !!! The stink and the session is worse !!!

Its not a immediate process but a gradual one but can be done easily if you start hating them in the order as I have mentioned.

See and feel a better version of yourselves !!!

Its worth a Shot guys, Please give it try