I was asked this question about latest 2 Super hit movies, Kabir Singh and URI, which one is the best and why? I had a chance to to give my views about both the films. I saw both the movies in theater and liked both of them.

Let me remind you, I watch movies from a lot of different perspectives at any given time. So my views on this question is not based on me being some Fan of particular Actor or Director but I am basically a fan of good movies.

Both movies are from different genre and have equally different treatment to it. Both of them are equally good in it’s each own way.

Let’s see how..

Both movies are smashing hits and earned over 200 crores and liked by audiences. No doubt.apart from being miles apart in terms of delivery and presentation both have touched a common point in audiences.

They touched the audiences pulse hard, but in different points.

Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

Director: Aditya Dhar

Writer: Aditya Dhar

Stars: Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam

Uri, touched on nationalism with touch of tight script and great performances. Bollywood has always been skeptic about war movies and never really made any great ones to talk about. Except for J P Dutta’s Border that came in 1997, there isn’t much to talk about. There were some positive ones like Ghazi Attack, Madras Cafe we don’t get to hear or talk about any of the good ones.

URI was like a breath of fresh air and it came at a great time for viewers when the nationalism was at it’s peak among Indians. With smart packaging and performances it hit the right chords at right places and we all liked it. It was a great package with great technical aspects as well. When I say the above, we dont have Indian Saving Private Ryan or Platoon, what I meant  here is that we have had a tedious share of war movies in past and URI was refreshing.

URI had a Realistic and Rustic approach to the Movie with good cinematography and better visuals. I would say best till now based on the budget the movie had.  The team did the best they could with the talent, money and team they had. Including the VFX which aint top notch but hit the right spot.

I am not saying URI had everything right about its execution, Technically it was still behind in terms of realism and Military accuracy. We need to understand the Indian audience and the market here as well, Too much or I would say Ultra realism and accuracy will back fire. The audience is slowly getting built up for such kind of cinema and we have some more miles to go before we can have Ultra realistic, surreal and Accurate films as our main stream movies.

Kabir Singh (2019)

Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Writers: Siddharth Singh (dialogue), Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Stars: Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Soham Majumdar

Similarly Kabir is from love story genre but it gave the RAW feeling being in love and a different perspective on being in love. Remember 2009 Anurag Kashyap Smash hit Dev D?  You can compare it to Dev D which was also a smashing hit and had similar line of performances but was little subtle, nevertheless it was great hit. Kabir Singh is the Ultra high version of Dev D.

Dev D movie like Kabor singh
Dev D movie poster

Kabir took it one step further from DevD and got even more raw and brutal in the handling of that topic of failed love. That kind of on screen images the generation was waiting to see.

The director caught the pulse of the younger audiences by the throat and gave them this movie filled with hardcore perception of how a failed/strong headed lover can be. I am not encouraging the behavior of Kabir but that’s what people are doing nowadays and the ones who can’t found solace in the movie.

That’s what cinema is all about, isn’t it?

Movies get hit when they resonate with audiences and they feel it closer to there mindset. They wish they could/would/should resemble that life what they saw on on screen.

Audiences were bored of with the onslaught of so many rom coms and over the top movies that look like fairy tales and unrealistic.

Vicky Kaushal for URI and Shahid Kappor for Kabir Singh were the best choices they could get without making it look larger than life.  Both of them are good actors and there performance was to the mark. Nothing less nor a pinch more.

Both the movies did not rely on Star power or long list of A star leads to bring in audiences or slapstick comedy to stretch the story lines.

Kabir had good songs and Uri had good action and background score and music.  ( these factors are quite essential for any movie to be hit) You can escape good songs if they are tightly spaced and added at right moments, they work as Value added services which every one likes once in a while.

That’s all we need depending on the script and the scenes portrayed in the respective movies.

So yes, we can’t compare both and they are served at right time with right mindset to entertain the audiences. They were both well received and smashing hits.

My Verdict :

We cant compare apples and Oranges. Both go great with Vodka and cock tails. Liked and enjoyed them both equally.

That’s not a Heart, for my view sake, it’s a ZERO.
So we have here the magnum opus of the year, Shankars 2.0 with all its gory, fury, for the jury.

We have  Shankar back with his tried and tested, Formula of Good vs Evil Story lines. We have nature vs Technology this time around with bucket full of VFX to make that point across. Keep this line in mind as I am going to talk about it a lot in coming pages.
After full long 8 years we have 2.0 back where Robot left us. Rajnikanth has given us 4 films in this gap and we have had our dose of Rajnikanth mania to some extent.

2.0 starts of with a suicide, mayhem on Chennai where we have people dying, Mobiles being snatched up and flies away, Towers being crushed and thrown across and the Chennai city is under threat with military running for covers. Decision is taken to revive CHITTI, as others fail to slow the carnage down.

Akshay is the Villain in this film ( Or is it ?) and his first entry into South Indian Films and there is a reason I believe. Why Akshay was taken, to give it pan India presence for them to recover the investment, Once again, its all about investment, its never about making a movie. I felt every scene and dialog was to Prove a Point. Not to tell a story.
Well, You have the most expensive Indian Film ever, but that doesn’t make it the best film ever? It may look and sound great in most of the bits and parts it has to offer, but it would have been an awesome treat for mind and should if the treatment to the story would have been tad bit  logical, scientific and of course with better characters and screenplay.

Its visually a treat to watch the movie in 3D but you cant stare at the screen for so long without something entertaining or connecting or may be something that makes sense. We already had Transformers, Battlefield, and other series for that Junk to be precise but they were straight to point and we knew about it.

Indian contexts needs to have  emotions, character development, story that connects us to the genre the movie belongs to.  If you dont believe that, you must read the fate of Most expensive Chinese film ever pulled from cinemas after it bombs.
The simple reason was it did not connect to the audience. Let me tell you what transpired to 2.0 and where it got stuck :

Graphics overdose

The parts where the entire scientific community talk science is so unscientific that it appears to be taking the audience’s intelligence for granted. The explaining things like everyone in the audience is 5 years old is one of the most consistent problems with the movie. There has to be a league or a threshhols that needs to be maintained when you are in to Sci-Fi genre of films. You cannot bring every one down to the kindergarten level to put your point across.


That is rather telling considering she is the only woman in the movie. After all would it be an Indian movie without a hint of sexism? Amy Jackson playing a robot,  Bollywood movie without Glamour. We have a robot that is gorgeous without any emotion. what a perfect pick up for Amy. her name : NILA , Nice Intelligent Lovely Assistant …..SUCK ON that

Sana, as his wife only cell phone voice and nothing else. Couldn’t even get Aishwarya to dub for that, that shows the vision, and capability of director. Vin diesel can be a part of a movie where he only says : “I m groot”. That’s the commitment and that is what we like, attention to details. And thats what gains these actors movies and Directors fans worldwide for there passion towards a common goal.  That generates interests, enthusiasm,  curiosity and much more among audiences. And that’s what makes such movies larger than life, not by banging on VFX just to prove out some local fans or producers.

The movie is so engrossed in VFX and action scenes that there is not even a single Character that we care about or relate to. Of course its a Rajnikanth Film where there is none other than Rajnikanth


All that blabber about AR Rahman in trailers did not make any sense. There are 2 full songs which are not even worth mentioning. They wee dull as drying paint. BG was ok to good at some places but loud as hell.

Hollywood comparison

Please don’t ever say that MR Shankar, That’s a joke and will be a joke. Sci-fi movies need not have a metal cranking sounds and over load of VFX that is stretched beyond al limit. In 2.0 we haven’t see any thing new that we haven’t seen earlier, but we get to see it in extended version of copied and inspired scenes from Hollywood movies. Deadpool was made with 58 million and look how it turned out to be.

What is this stupid logic of Indian directors or for that matter, Indian audiences to compare it with Hollywood movies?

We cannot and should not compare. We cant and wont be ever able to match that, at least not in the next 2 decades. And why should we?

If Shankar had really a nice vision and potential this movie wouldn’t have been a overload of VFX, but a story that would have been connecting with us, with a message, entertainment and login in affordable proportions to make it entertaining

Not a rant to talk that “ Hey I made a movie on par with Hollywood” with that line, you fell behind even 2 steps more. Watch Deadpool and learn how a hero movie is made with limited budget and how it is not a joke, overload of  VFX and made mission worldwide and became a Cult classics instantly


Vision is always bound to connect. The reason Great movies or directors get it right is that the vision they have is easily accept4ed by audiences, logic and the genre its talking about. That makes a great director.
2.0 only had 1 vision, to prove that we can be on par with Hollywood interns of VFX. That’s all.

There is a story woven around that line. 2.0 does not have anything new to offer given that the entire plot was given away in the trailer itself. We  knew its going to be good vs evil and who is good and all that. The sad part is, there wasnt much left to see. Only extended version of the VFX which the Metro audiences get to see every other week or on Netflix and all that. We have seen better CGI and VFX in all Hollywood movies, so why compete with them on that aspect and much worse, we fail there too.

Dr Pakshirajan? I mean seriously, there wasn’t any other name or instance available?


He has delivered a neat performance as Dr Vaseegaran, Chitti and 2.0. One has to admit that he looks plastic as 2.0 in a few places. Rajnikanth is convincing as the scientist Vaseegaran and Chitti, but it is in his 2.0 robot roles that he goes over the top with his expressions at times.

There were no real surprises in the film and it comes as a huge letdown. The surprises that were kept under wraps found their way to the internet a few days before the film could hit the theaters.

For example, in a scene, Pakshi Raja explains how humans, birds and animals have to coexist to live a peaceful life. Though it is a much-need message, it could have been explained in an intriguing manner rather than the pedantic treatment it gets.

Another disappointing aspect is that the film does not really offer any deep solution to the problem that it portrays. However, it falls short of being a sci-fi film that has a strong story.

A film that pivots around technology and artificial intelligence should have laid as much emphasis on artificial (special effects, computer graphics, robots) as intelligence. But writer-director Shankar’s focus is largely on visually pleasing the audience. Shankar’s only determination was viable that the aim of the movie is to prove a point. And that point being, we can make VFX.

Agreed. Done. We can make average VFX, now what?

Moments in this ‘superstar’ Rajnikanth vehicle are amazing indeed, but the director takes too long getting to the crux of the story and then, disappointingly, compromises on the message

This balance deserts the film in its final stretch, where the climax goes on and on and, at one point you will never be able to un-see, Rajnikanth enters Kumar.Run time of

Too many things meld together into bigger, more unwieldy things, and Shankar’s perpetual game of Lego even turns Chitti magnetic, covering him in all sorts of random metallic transformations.  Also, the hero threatens the villains by holding pigeons ransom and threatening to snap their necks.  That was bombastic to be true and funny ot be part of a Sci-Fi film.

Yes technically, ‘2.0’ raises the bar for Indian cinema. The visual effects (Srinivas Mohan) are outstanding with the sound design (Resul Pookutty), production design (Muthuraj), cinematography (Nirav Shah) and costume design (Rocky S and Mary Vogt) enhancing the cinematic experience.

I never had huge expectations from this movie as we shouldn’t have them either. I knew how its going to be the moment the trailer were released, I mean everyone know whats its going to be when we saw the trailer. It that simple and predictable.

All you get to see some cool VFX here and there, India’s costliest movie entirely shot in 3D and Superstar Rajnikanth in 3 roles with some Akshay thrown in after interval. Watch it in 3D only, if you have time and money to spare with.

My Verdict :  2.5/5

Why Bollywood has no logic and Science ?

Great Question but it cant be summed up in 1 line or word when the question has “ India” I was wondering how many of us really think about these facts rather than simply enjoying whats being shown to us in the name of Entertainment or Movies.

In that case any question that has India in it, cannot be summed up in a few words, take it or leave it and India is not simple like rest of the nation combined . Its like a mini replica of entire earth rolled into 1 nation !!

So coming to the question, out of many reasons there are a few handful that have been mentioned below by other users I feel the following holds more importance:

  • Indian mentality of Chalta hai ( Its OK Attitude)
  • Money mightier than brains
  • Its OK attitude
  • Budget
  • entertainment entertainment entertainment
  • lack of resources ( Books, records, written materials turned into cinema)
  • Concept of “HERO” than “ACTOR”

    Indian mentality of Chalta hai

We have this attitude hard coded in our DNA and that reflects in each and every aspect of our lives. I mean seriously we are so inclined towards this attitude that we take everything for granted and feel its OK !! This is seriously bad, I mean every single thing . hence how can this leave entertainment out of it !!

We compromise for everything since generations, then obviously when have been compromising on eating, sleeping, living, medical, transport, sanitation, religion and the list goes on then who would care for something as trivial as CINEMA  or May be we should call Bollywood Action Movies or Bollywood Masala Movies.

Money mightier than brains

Yeah, as I had written in previous answer, its the audience in India rules or makes the Bollywood for what it is now, its not the other way round ! India still compromises majorly of Middle class and lower middle class families and audiences that comprises the 80% chunk of the cinema going audiences who actually buy tickets and throng to Movie theaters, and as understood they will not bother about laws of physics, thermodynamics or buoyancy, and all that jazzy terms !

For them, when a car/jeep is hit by grenades or if that hits an obstacle, it will blow and the better the explosion, they like it

They cant apply there brains that a grenade doesn’t blow up in balls of fire engulfing the entire building, they dont know the Car wont go up straight when blown from any side, or a bullet needs to be spun is that while spinning, an object gains rotational inertia and it doesn’t go straight as a presumed

And Bollywood film makers know these facts.  They wont invest money in recreating accurate details in the world when they can get more money by simply showing what the audience is craving for !

Money rules and when an exploding car without any physics and dynamics involved can be shot in say may be 50k, and garners the same enthusiasm from the audiences, why the heck we need to spend 2 lakh to get it scientifically accurate !

Its OK attitude

Yeah, every time this comes up we are like its OK !!! Its only a movie, why bother, whats the point of that accuracy when all I love is the way he dances, or she dances or he came and creamed a paragraph worth of dialog in one go ! I loved that  Why should I bother or discuss about what it should have been !
Its OK


Yeah, this is also a major concern in India when it comes to re-create real life scenarios in Testing conditions.  Its not cheap at all.
Its interesting aspect. In Bollywood, we have some great genuine movies made on human conditions, emotional drama and stick to true nature of the REALITY and that of course doesn’t cost anyone much

The cost factor is only when we try to show something out of word or larger than life or you can say Action stuff. And for that, we need humongous budget ! be it Live action or CGI and We lack that for sure and its evident.

Hollywood does have there share of illogical stuff and its there in every movie if you see, but its done in smarter ways that we skip it and said by others, we simply adore it as its done by westerners !

There are illogical and idiotic scenes in almost all the Mega Budget Hollywood movies and if you look you will be surprised how they just got away with it. Its overshadowed by the fact that its shot using great budget that its sidelined and we are in awe of that output. Ours is tiny budget and we get to see all the illogical stuff due to the fact that they were not given importance due to again, less budget.

I think there can be a question or a section where we can show stupid mistakes in great Hollywood movies and you will be really surprised to know them. And yes, I am only talking about scientific facts only. Its an art which is a result of research+knowledge and of course huge money

They way they show the stunts are done with a huge team, multiple cameras, Professional Technicians and crew and meticulous planning. All the above needs money and money and more money !

Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment

Well it says for itself, Details in a particular shot means u running your processing power than required, getting into scientific details means your brain is running in more cores to process that simultaneously and nowadays with advent of internet we are able to even compare that with other movies live !

But wait. What we forgetting here is that we watch that movie for entertainment purpose and to relax. I cant process that much information and ruin my time for movie ! Well why the hell should I? I have other works and things to think about

Fuck yeah, I am gonna enjoy this anyways and stop bothering about moronic scientific fact !! 🙂

Lack of resources ( Books, records, written materials turned into cinema)

99% of the movies in Bollywood are based on Fictional characters written by story writers which revolve around the HERO and in many cases written on the spot with a formula for success. Songs, love, action, emotion, comedy and drama etc

Bollywood Masala Movie Formula:


So why to inculcate science into all this superb ready made formula that delivers the moolah,  Arent we suppose to give the audience something that they cant get out in REAL life?

Mission accomplished. Which brings to the last point which is related the previous point

Concept of “HERO” than “ACTOR”

Bollywood Action or Masala Movies are Male dominated industry and everything revolves around the lead called as HERO. He needs to do everything and no questions asked. He has to do those things in a way that should shut ever ones mouth or He should indulge in stuff that should look, sound, feel like a HERO

And by HERO means larger than life and mostly out of the box !

Producers know that if the hero only beats or fights like a common man then why will the common man pay a price and come to theater to watch another common man. The common man needs something uncommon, something that he dreams of doing in hi real life, which he knows he cant and wants that dream life to be shown on screen !

And as they say, dreams are devoid of scientific facts !

They are just dreams and can be as lovely, ugly or unrealistic as possible and If the common man’s dream is in sync with the movie that is shown, the movie is super hit !

Well my friend, Thats the formula for Bollywood 

Another great point: International or Hollywood movies cater to International audiences and hence there attention to detail has to be more than our movies as we cater to Indian subcontinent only. Its like when you dress up for your home functions vs dressing up when you are going to meet someone in a 5 star hotel

There is a difference right ?

Why 2.0 is not really Awesome

I am not going to roast the Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 trailer but I will sure put in my thoughts.

Before we start, we should remember 1 golden rule about film making.

Film making is not about equipment or budget or star cast or not even great script, Its about Vision.

Yes the vision with which a director portrays a theme or a story. Rest all elements fall in line one by one with script coming next, star cast, budget, VFX and so on.
poster1If you check the history in any language, the greatest of movies are all based on great Storytelling or Vision as foreseen by the director. How effectively he puts it across the celluloid is what makes the difference. The factors like equipment, budget VFX are like side dishes or enhancer that help to boost it, thats all. I will prove this point with simple examples:

So many remakes of Block busters fall flat, or average or bombs at box office.
Inspired movies from originals bomb at box office
Almost all Super Stars or great actors gave lots of Flops as well. Here we know that a particular actor is a great actor, but given the flop movie, the credit goes to the director.
Now coming to the point of the 2.0 trailer and the budget. When I saw the trailer, I laughed so hard that It was almost like a Joke.

The reason is, Bollywood directors dont have a great Vision when it comes to handle such mammoth Subjects. You might have read a lot of answers that have roasted the trailer scene by scene and its indeed true.

In spite of having a huge budget,. the vision was poor and the outcome is also poor. Even if they give 150 million Dollars, Most of the Bollywood directors wont be able to make or utilize it to that perfection. Baring a few most directors cant do that as we have seen from 2.0

The action sequences were laughable. Every frame of that trailer was riddled with cliche and cringe worthy moments. Lets talk about that Phone flying scenes, where the director could not visualize a legit, logical or a stylish yet brutal way of phones being flying away.

At 0.50 the scenes are ripped version of Avengers, Transformers, Battleship and so on. The entire action sequences look so amateur and kiddish that it doesn’t deserve that budget. Look at the color grading of the movie! Still looks like a movie from 1990’s with no color tones to portray emotions.

At 1.00, look how chitti runs and then glides onto a Hospital Roller Bed to crash out of the Window. I am not nit picking to say its bad, I am nit picking to tell that our Directors lack vision to show something awesome and take it another level or creativity within the boundaries of the theme being displayed.

Look At Akshay Kumars outfit, makeup, his gestures. A Super villain of that sort, why would any logical person will have eyelashes of that kind !! Thats simple logic. We have so many demonic villains in Hollywood movies, but did u find such a ill fitting villain? Rubbish dressing sense and preposterous make up and illogical mix of human and animal or what not.


Every Movie has a domain and a range within which the script, actors scenes and dialog and everything of the movie is contained. When it comes to magnum opus movies, we have style, attitude and VFX added that makes it cool to look. Not Cheap or kiddish or something that we used to see decades ago.

Still the Bollywood Directors choose to highlight and take actors or start into consideration rather than the script or shots or screenplay or other aspects of the movies as center stage.

We would take another decade or two to get a director or directors who have vision that can transform into a beautiful movie without all the rubbish we still get. Budget Doesn’t matter. It never did.

Coming to comparison with Hollywood, We can never nor every try to compete with them for a simple reason.


Now, Not because we cant, but its of no use. We have a different level and value to entertainment and they have different which cater to world wide screens and hence they have a Quality or Standards to maintain. Not to forget that they have best directors from all nations working in Hollywood.

They are and will be decades ahead of us in terms of vision, conceptualization, VFX, tools and son on. Even if we get a director or something, he might movie to Hollywood and start his career. who knows.

The aim our Directors have is to Make money, add elements that will make people scream when they see stars appear onscreen, make them larger than life as they can be. Total devotion is to blind audiences eye with illogical charisma of the stars to get Box office collection up. Some fail some get it, and others follow suit and repeat the same stuff.

They dont want to tell a story. they want to sell a story. There is a huge difference.