Book a Cab through Google Assistant

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Sore thumb? Frequent cab rider? Guess what, We have another tool or wish or demand or whatever you may call it has been awarded  granted or pushed on us by tech giant Google. Its not a child’s play to book a cab with any of the cab booking services around you with Google assistant!

Yeah, now you need to speak twice to get to your destination. Once to google and second to your nagging driver if it may seem appropriate. 😊 Google Virtual assistant will now take order to book your cabs with your voice.
Google has been working pretty hard on getting things done there way and has given us some great apps, services to amalgamate with the tons of third-party apps and services which we are already hooked on. The new gift from google will be available on all compatible phones with Google Assistance-enabled phones and speakers.
All you need to do is to either specify the cab company name or simple say : book a cab to Pasadena and Google will display the pricing from all the cabs/ride sharing providers in your current location.


Once you have the view of the available options and you pick yours, it will be redirected to the chosen app.
So Google wants here to be the forefront of the options provider so that you make a smarter or better decision based on the available options. Its closing the bridge between users and increasing plethora of the service provides so that we can have a better deal.
Google has been off late working on the redesign of the Google Assistant and this feature is even better as compared to the visual appeal as this gives the user a spot-on detail about the transaction he is about to make with the choice in his fingertips.
The new feature is now rolling out globally, but only in English. It’ll expand to other languages over time.


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