If you are tired of getting same kind of views and information about life, tech and career, may be you need to hear something off track, then my dear friend, you are at the right spot.

Since you’re here right now, I feel that you are already aware of most of the things that you need to know and may be overloaded with them but if you need to get a different perspective of life or get a new life about all the common things, then you are again at the right spot!

How did am I making this part of life?

It all started way back in 2008 when I had envisioned myself to write as sudibaba and help people all around me with whatever expertise I had or could, Mostly in tech domain. I got mixed up the life, love, work passion money and all that cream that sums up life and I almost forgot about sudibaba.

I started my own startup after I was sad after my relationship failed and after an year or so, my startup also wasn’t doing that great. Financially. But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.

I got married, started another venture in spite of being broke, but had learnt a lot that makes a tough business man.

Trust me my friend, I’ve totally been there.

We will provide website services as well Hyse Software Solutions.

This gave me an immense insight to share about my failures in life business, trying hard and harder and not giving up entrepreneurs who is out there, needs a word of guidance from a different perspective.

I know,. There is no dearth of ideas, blogs and messages and information that can help but I felt most of the stuff out there is generic and displays RETINA type image and life aint that shiny.

I might not be true, but hey it was and is true in my part of life and I am sure that it would stand still for lots of others out there trying to figure out life, career and business in a perspective that’s not told or shown.

Join me guys to learn something new from a WIDE Angle that will give you a better, wider and Positive perspective about your goals, ideas and make you a better person.

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