Why 2.0 is not really Awesome

I am not going to roast the Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 trailer but I will sure put in my thoughts.

Before we start, we should remember 1 golden rule about film making.

Film making is not about equipment or budget or star cast or not even great script, Its about Vision.

Yes the vision with which a director portrays a theme or a story. Rest all elements fall in line one by one with script coming next, star cast, budget, VFX and so on.
poster1If you check the history in any language, the greatest of movies are all based on great Storytelling or Vision as foreseen by the director. How effectively he puts it across the celluloid is what makes the difference. The factors like equipment, budget VFX are like side dishes or enhancer that help to boost it, thats all. I will prove this point with simple examples:

So many remakes of Block busters fall flat, or average or bombs at box office.
Inspired movies from originals bomb at box office
Almost all Super Stars or great actors gave lots of Flops as well. Here we know that a particular actor is a great actor, but given the flop movie, the credit goes to the director.
Now coming to the point of the 2.0 trailer and the budget. When I saw the trailer, I laughed so hard that It was almost like a Joke.

The reason is, Bollywood directors dont have a great Vision when it comes to handle such mammoth Subjects. You might have read a lot of answers that have roasted the trailer scene by scene and its indeed true.

In spite of having a huge budget,. the vision was poor and the outcome is also poor. Even if they give 150 million Dollars, Most of the Bollywood directors wont be able to make or utilize it to that perfection. Baring a few most directors cant do that as we have seen from 2.0

The action sequences were laughable. Every frame of that trailer was riddled with cliche and cringe worthy moments. Lets talk about that Phone flying scenes, where the director could not visualize a legit, logical or a stylish yet brutal way of phones being flying away.

At 0.50 the scenes are ripped version of Avengers, Transformers, Battleship and so on. The entire action sequences look so amateur and kiddish that it doesn’t deserve that budget. Look at the color grading of the movie! Still looks like a movie from 1990’s with no color tones to portray emotions.

At 1.00, look how chitti runs and then glides onto a Hospital Roller Bed to crash out of the Window. I am not nit picking to say its bad, I am nit picking to tell that our Directors lack vision to show something awesome and take it another level or creativity within the boundaries of the theme being displayed.

Look At Akshay Kumars outfit, makeup, his gestures. A Super villain of that sort, why would any logical person will have eyelashes of that kind !! Thats simple logic. We have so many demonic villains in Hollywood movies, but did u find such a ill fitting villain? Rubbish dressing sense and preposterous make up and illogical mix of human and animal or what not.


Every Movie has a domain and a range within which the script, actors scenes and dialog and everything of the movie is contained. When it comes to magnum opus movies, we have style, attitude and VFX added that makes it cool to look. Not Cheap or kiddish or something that we used to see decades ago.

Still the Bollywood Directors choose to highlight and take actors or start into consideration rather than the script or shots or screenplay or other aspects of the movies as center stage.

We would take another decade or two to get a director or directors who have vision that can transform into a beautiful movie without all the rubbish we still get. Budget Doesn’t matter. It never did.

Coming to comparison with Hollywood, We can never nor every try to compete with them for a simple reason.


Now, Not because we cant, but its of no use. We have a different level and value to entertainment and they have different which cater to world wide screens and hence they have a Quality or Standards to maintain. Not to forget that they have best directors from all nations working in Hollywood.

They are and will be decades ahead of us in terms of vision, conceptualization, VFX, tools and son on. Even if we get a director or something, he might movie to Hollywood and start his career. who knows.

The aim our Directors have is to Make money, add elements that will make people scream when they see stars appear onscreen, make them larger than life as they can be. Total devotion is to blind audiences eye with illogical charisma of the stars to get Box office collection up. Some fail some get it, and others follow suit and repeat the same stuff.

They dont want to tell a story. they want to sell a story. There is a huge difference.


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