That’s not a Heart, for my view sake, it’s a ZERO.
So we have here the magnum opus of the year, Shankars 2.0 with all its gory, fury, for the jury.

We have  Shankar back with his tried and tested, Formula of Good vs Evil Story lines. We have nature vs Technology this time around with bucket full of VFX to make that point across. Keep this line in mind as I am going to talk about it a lot in coming pages.
After full long 8 years we have 2.0 back where Robot left us. Rajnikanth has given us 4 films in this gap and we have had our dose of Rajnikanth mania to some extent.

2.0 starts of with a suicide, mayhem on Chennai where we have people dying, Mobiles being snatched up and flies away, Towers being crushed and thrown across and the Chennai city is under threat with military running for covers. Decision is taken to revive CHITTI, as others fail to slow the carnage down.

Akshay is the Villain in this film ( Or is it ?) and his first entry into South Indian Films and there is a reason I believe. Why Akshay was taken, to give it pan India presence for them to recover the investment, Once again, its all about investment, its never about making a movie. I felt every scene and dialog was to Prove a Point. Not to tell a story.
Well, You have the most expensive Indian Film ever, but that doesn’t make it the best film ever? It may look and sound great in most of the bits and parts it has to offer, but it would have been an awesome treat for mind and should if the treatment to the story would have been tad bit  logical, scientific and of course with better characters and screenplay.

Its visually a treat to watch the movie in 3D but you cant stare at the screen for so long without something entertaining or connecting or may be something that makes sense. We already had Transformers, Battlefield, and other series for that Junk to be precise but they were straight to point and we knew about it.

Indian contexts needs to have  emotions, character development, story that connects us to the genre the movie belongs to.  If you dont believe that, you must read the fate of Most expensive Chinese film ever pulled from cinemas after it bombs.
The simple reason was it did not connect to the audience. Let me tell you what transpired to 2.0 and where it got stuck :

Graphics overdose

The parts where the entire scientific community talk science is so unscientific that it appears to be taking the audience’s intelligence for granted. The explaining things like everyone in the audience is 5 years old is one of the most consistent problems with the movie. There has to be a league or a threshhols that needs to be maintained when you are in to Sci-Fi genre of films. You cannot bring every one down to the kindergarten level to put your point across.


That is rather telling considering she is the only woman in the movie. After all would it be an Indian movie without a hint of sexism? Amy Jackson playing a robot,  Bollywood movie without Glamour. We have a robot that is gorgeous without any emotion. what a perfect pick up for Amy. her name : NILA , Nice Intelligent Lovely Assistant …..SUCK ON that

Sana, as his wife only cell phone voice and nothing else. Couldn’t even get Aishwarya to dub for that, that shows the vision, and capability of director. Vin diesel can be a part of a movie where he only says : “I m groot”. That’s the commitment and that is what we like, attention to details. And thats what gains these actors movies and Directors fans worldwide for there passion towards a common goal.  That generates interests, enthusiasm,  curiosity and much more among audiences. And that’s what makes such movies larger than life, not by banging on VFX just to prove out some local fans or producers.

The movie is so engrossed in VFX and action scenes that there is not even a single Character that we care about or relate to. Of course its a Rajnikanth Film where there is none other than Rajnikanth


All that blabber about AR Rahman in trailers did not make any sense. There are 2 full songs which are not even worth mentioning. They wee dull as drying paint. BG was ok to good at some places but loud as hell.

Hollywood comparison

Please don’t ever say that MR Shankar, That’s a joke and will be a joke. Sci-fi movies need not have a metal cranking sounds and over load of VFX that is stretched beyond al limit. In 2.0 we haven’t see any thing new that we haven’t seen earlier, but we get to see it in extended version of copied and inspired scenes from Hollywood movies. Deadpool was made with 58 million and look how it turned out to be.

What is this stupid logic of Indian directors or for that matter, Indian audiences to compare it with Hollywood movies?

We cannot and should not compare. We cant and wont be ever able to match that, at least not in the next 2 decades. And why should we?

If Shankar had really a nice vision and potential this movie wouldn’t have been a overload of VFX, but a story that would have been connecting with us, with a message, entertainment and login in affordable proportions to make it entertaining

Not a rant to talk that “ Hey I made a movie on par with Hollywood” with that line, you fell behind even 2 steps more. Watch Deadpool and learn how a hero movie is made with limited budget and how it is not a joke, overload of  VFX and made mission worldwide and became a Cult classics instantly


Vision is always bound to connect. The reason Great movies or directors get it right is that the vision they have is easily accept4ed by audiences, logic and the genre its talking about. That makes a great director.
2.0 only had 1 vision, to prove that we can be on par with Hollywood interns of VFX. That’s all.

There is a story woven around that line. 2.0 does not have anything new to offer given that the entire plot was given away in the trailer itself. We  knew its going to be good vs evil and who is good and all that. The sad part is, there wasnt much left to see. Only extended version of the VFX which the Metro audiences get to see every other week or on Netflix and all that. We have seen better CGI and VFX in all Hollywood movies, so why compete with them on that aspect and much worse, we fail there too.

Dr Pakshirajan? I mean seriously, there wasn’t any other name or instance available?


He has delivered a neat performance as Dr Vaseegaran, Chitti and 2.0. One has to admit that he looks plastic as 2.0 in a few places. Rajnikanth is convincing as the scientist Vaseegaran and Chitti, but it is in his 2.0 robot roles that he goes over the top with his expressions at times.

There were no real surprises in the film and it comes as a huge letdown. The surprises that were kept under wraps found their way to the internet a few days before the film could hit the theaters.

For example, in a scene, Pakshi Raja explains how humans, birds and animals have to coexist to live a peaceful life. Though it is a much-need message, it could have been explained in an intriguing manner rather than the pedantic treatment it gets.

Another disappointing aspect is that the film does not really offer any deep solution to the problem that it portrays. However, it falls short of being a sci-fi film that has a strong story.

A film that pivots around technology and artificial intelligence should have laid as much emphasis on artificial (special effects, computer graphics, robots) as intelligence. But writer-director Shankar’s focus is largely on visually pleasing the audience. Shankar’s only determination was viable that the aim of the movie is to prove a point. And that point being, we can make VFX.

Agreed. Done. We can make average VFX, now what?

Moments in this ‘superstar’ Rajnikanth vehicle are amazing indeed, but the director takes too long getting to the crux of the story and then, disappointingly, compromises on the message

This balance deserts the film in its final stretch, where the climax goes on and on and, at one point you will never be able to un-see, Rajnikanth enters Kumar.Run time of

Too many things meld together into bigger, more unwieldy things, and Shankar’s perpetual game of Lego even turns Chitti magnetic, covering him in all sorts of random metallic transformations.  Also, the hero threatens the villains by holding pigeons ransom and threatening to snap their necks.  That was bombastic to be true and funny ot be part of a Sci-Fi film.

Yes technically, ‘2.0’ raises the bar for Indian cinema. The visual effects (Srinivas Mohan) are outstanding with the sound design (Resul Pookutty), production design (Muthuraj), cinematography (Nirav Shah) and costume design (Rocky S and Mary Vogt) enhancing the cinematic experience.

I never had huge expectations from this movie as we shouldn’t have them either. I knew how its going to be the moment the trailer were released, I mean everyone know whats its going to be when we saw the trailer. It that simple and predictable.

All you get to see some cool VFX here and there, India’s costliest movie entirely shot in 3D and Superstar Rajnikanth in 3 roles with some Akshay thrown in after interval. Watch it in 3D only, if you have time and money to spare with.

My Verdict :  2.5/5


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